Girlfriend in The Philippines

Enjoy the company of a beautiful Filipina girl on your vacation or get yourself the best wife ever.

If you are longing for the old days with more traditional gender roles, back when men were men and women were glad of it, then finding a Filipina girlfriend or wife may be the answer for you. In addition, many tourists in The Philippines enjoy the company of a beautiful Filipina girl for a week or two while on their holiday.

Below, you can read about the Philippine culture, how to find a girlfriend for rent for your holiday in The Philippines, how to find a long-term Filipina girlfriend, and how to find a Filipina girl for marriage.

The Philippine Culture

A Filipina girl is not participating in the gender wars; she prefers the traditional gender roles. The woman takes care of the children and the household chores while the man is the provider. However, times are a changing, but even though many Filipina women work today, it is still the woman that takes care of the children and the household.

In The Philippines, they imprint the gender roles since childhood. For example, they require school uniforms in public schools, and the girls have to wear skirts, not trousers. Actually, to help poor families that can not afford to buy uniforms, the politicians repealed the law demanding school uniforms in 2008; however, apparently, they forgot to tell the schools.

Speaking about the schools, they teach English in the elementary schools. If you are considering whether you should be looking for a Thai girlfriend or a Filipina girlfriend and if knowledge of English is important to you, then you should probably choose the Filipina. They do teach English in Thai schools as well; however, there is a big difference in the outcome.

Finding a provider who can offer financial stability is important for a Filipina. This is why foreign men often can find a younger and more beautiful wife in The Philippines than in his own country. A Filipina may prefer an older man that can offer stability and maturity rather than a younger and better-looking man.

Officially, The Philippines is a secular state; nonetheless, more than 80 percent of the population are Catholics and many of them are very religious. If you visit a dating site with Filipina members, you will find the words "God fearing" is many of the profiles.

Even if the girl is not a virgin as stipulated in Catholicism, the typical Filipina tend to be conservative when it comes to sex. It may take some courting before you can have sex with a Filipina.

Of course, you can also find Filipinas that are not very conservative, which is probably what you want if you are looking for a Girlfriend Experience (GFE) for your holiday or if you only want company for a short time.

The family is very important for Filipinos. If you marry a Filipina girl, you "marry" her family as well. If you marry a Filipina and take her to your country, she will probably want to help her family in The Philippines by sending them things and money. In addition, Filipinos do not send their parents to a nursing home when the parents can no longer take care of themselves; instead, their children and grandchildren usually take care of them in the home of one of the children. If your and your wife live in your country, that may mean sending more money home to her family.

Filipina Girlfriend for Your Vacation

If you are going to The Philippines for a vacation and you want a girlfriend for your holiday, you may want to rent a Filipina girl for a girlfriend experience (GFE). That means, she will stay with you for several days or throughout your vacation. It will in every way feel as if you have a real girlfriend, only you will have to pay her.

It may be a good idea to negotiate the price beforehand; however, you should not pay her in advance as she may then do a "runner"; that is, leaving after a shorter time than agreed upon. Instead, pay her the agreed upon amount each day or pay her in full on the last day. In addition, you have to pay all expenses when you are with the girl; that includes food, transport, and even clothes etc. if you go shopping.

Please be aware that "the good girls" do not have sex with strangers, even if you have met her on a dating service and you have been chatting for weeks before your holiday. If she has sex with you on your holiday, she will expect money. Usually, the good girls, the ones you perhaps want if you are looking for a wife, will bring a chaperone for the first many times you meet and sex is probably a holiday or two away.

Where to Find a Filipina to Rent

A dating site is a very good place to find a girl for your vacation. At dating sites, you will find girls looking for marriage as well as girls looking for a paid relationship. The latter can be girls who earn a living that way, or it can be girls in ordinary jobs who want to earn a little extra on the side.

If you use a dating site to look for a girl to rent for your vacation, please make clear what you are looking for; do not let the girl think you are looking for a long-term relationship or marriage if that is not the case. That will probably be a waste of your time.

The dating service Mizz Filipina is specialising in setting up a tourist with a Filipina girlfriend for a vacation.

Of course, you can also find a girl at your destination. This method can be better, as you can "test drive" the girl to see if you want to spend the rest of your holiday with her, although you may have to spend some time finding a girl. You can find interested girls at bars and discotheques.

Please be aware that it can be difficult to judge the age of a Filipina. If you are even remotely in doubt of the girl's age, you should demand to see some kind of identification spending time alone with her. In The Philippines, the age of consent is only 12 years; however, if money is involved or if an adult uses coercion or influence to have sex with a person less than 18 years old, it is illegal. If you are an adult, the law considers sex with a person younger than 18 years as involving coercion or influence. The penalty for sex with a minor is up to 40 years in prison.

It can be illegal to be with a minor even if you do not have sex with her. If you are alone with a 17-year-old girl in your hotel room, the police may see it as an attempt to have sex with her. The police and others are known to set up men with an underage girl only to blackmail them later. Ask for proof of age before taking the girl to your hotel room or a secluded area.

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Long-term Filipina Girlfriend

Filipina girls are very conservative; thus, a long-term girlfriend will often mean marriage. However, you can have a long-time girlfriend experience (GFE), meaning that the girl is there for you whenever you are in The Philippines. You will have to pay her of course, and she may ask you to send her money while you are away. Read more about a GFE in the section Filipina Girlfriend for a Vacation.

If you think you can find a traditional Filipina girl to be your girlfriend during your holiday, you will probably be disappointed. If you are looking for a long-term Filipina girlfriend, you should expect to spend several holidays to get to know her. Filipina girls are shy and used to a long courtship before "giving in". To get a better understanding of the courtship of a traditional Filipina girl, please read this Wikipedia article.

Read more in the section Marrying a Filipina.

Where to Find a Long-term Filipina Girlfriend

You will find girls for a long-term relationship the same way as you find a Filipina girl for marriage, see below.

Marrying a Filipina

If you are looking for the best wife ever, a Filipina girl may be the answer. Filipina girls are faithful and devoted to family. If you take care of her and provide for her, and she will take care of you, your children, and your home.

Be aware that taking care of her also means taking care of her family to some degree; she will want to help her family with money. A solution many couples have found is that she works and is free to support her family from her salary, while your salary is paying for your immediate family (you, her and your children). If she is not working, be prepared to set aside a sum for her to help her family. You should agree on how to handle this and set up clear boundaries/rules before getting married to avoid complications later.

The man or his family pays for the wedding; in addition, in many parts of The Philippines, it is a tradition for the man to pay a dowry to the bride's parents. The dowry can be in the form of cash, jewellery, land, etc.; the dowry is considered a payment for the cost of raising their daughter.

You should be aware that The Philippines is a Catholic country; they greatly abhor divorce and abortion. Actually, divorce is illegal in The Philippines; the only way to get out of marriage in The Philippines is through annulment, which is a long and expensive process.

Where to Find a Filipina Girl to Marry

A dating service can be a fine way to get to know a girl before you meet her in real life. Please be aware that "working girls" use dating services too; thus, the girl you are interested in may have more experience that you anticipate. Even if your girl is a good girl, you have to be aware that being with her in real life can be very different from being with her online. Even the good girls may not be honest with you — just like you may perhaps not be honest about your faults.

Even worse than the small lies or the concealing of less appealing features, that we all tend to sport at an online dating service; you will find girls that have no intention of a relationship except with your money. Prostitutes and scammers also frequent dating services; it can be very difficult to tell which of the girls are "the good girls", "the bad girls", and the scammers (which may not even be girls).

Thus, never send money to a Filipina girl unless you know her and have met her in real life. Do not send her money to a ticket to visit you; she may never come. If you buy her a ticket instead of sending money, she may get the ticket refunded. Instead, you should go to the Philippines to meet her. Many a love struck man has sent money for a flight or for something else only to never hear from the girl again.

Using a dating service, you may even be able to find a Filipina girl in your country. Many Filipina girls work abroad as au pair or in the service industry to earn money they can send home to the family. Some of them are also looking for a husband. It will be much easier to meet such a girl in real life. In addition, she will already be familiar with your culture, which will make it easier for her to adjust than if you bring her directly from The Philippines.

Please be aware that not all of the girls working as au pair etc. are good girls. Some of them are not interested in a husband. Instead, they want to get pregnant, and then they can go home and receive child support as a steady income from you. They may say they are on the pill, even though they are not. Take your precautions and suit up (use a condom).

If you do not want to use a dating service but prefer to meet your future wife in real life in The Philippines, you can find the girls working in shops and restaurants, etc. Start a conversation to see if she is interested in getting to know you. If on a scale of 1-10 you can score a 5 at home, you can probably score a 7 or 8 in the Philippines; in addition, she can easily be 10-20 years younger than the girls that will offer you a second look at home.

You can also find girls in nightclubs and discos, although here you will also find freelancers that are looking to earn money.

Do not "mail order" a Filipina girl to come to your country, whether you met her on the Internet, through a mail order bride service, or as a recommendation from a friend. If you do not like her, or if there are any problems, it can be very costly and difficult to send her home. Go and meet the girl in The Philippines first.

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